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I want to provide an update about today’s medical events, but I’ve had my fill of cancer for the day.  Here are the highlights for those of you who are not good at waiting:

~My driver, Erin, was a saint.  She waited, drove, laughed, and listened as though we have been friends forever.

~Being rolled into the MRI made me cry.  It was isolating and made cancer too real.

~When I finished the MRI, I checked my phone and found a wonderful email from an old classmate, Marisa.  I am incredibly grateful for that act of kindness, it made me smile, and I will carry her kind words with me throughout this process.

~The stereotactic biopsy turned out to be an ultrasound, THEN the biopsy, THEN a mammogram…

~My lymph nodes look good on the MRI, YAY!  Fingers crossed that the inevitable lymph node biopsy confirms that they are NOT involved.

~My lump and microcalcifications span a large area of my breast.  If the biopsy of the microcalcifications (taken today) show that they are DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ), a surgeon will likely recommend a mastectomy of “Ole’ Rightie.” (That’s my right boob’s nickname.  Don’t tell me you don’t have a nickname for yours!)

~The next step is to gather all of the information and have a multi-disciplinary review and surgical recommendation.  Then I need to get a second opinion.


Picture time!  This procedure required a slightly larger incision than the core needle biopsy, and I think is going to leave me pretty bruised for awhile:

The Lidocaine again worked well, although it stung this time.  I have a few steristrips on the incision site (they act like stitches), then the sticky gauze bandage.  Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble sleeping.  I remained comfortable if I didn’t move but felt incredibly sore whenever I did.  I probably lifted a little too much while the Lidocaine was still kickin’!