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Bing left to go to work yesterday morning, and it hit me that I was going to have to be alone with my stupid breast cancer.  That was the scariest moment thus far.  Luckily, there was a local horse show yesterday, so I forced myself to get dressed and go watch.  I ended up talking with some friendly women sitting next to me, and I divulged my new diagnosis to them.  Apparently, in addition to blogging, telling complete strangers about my malignancy is also therapeutic.  Later that day, I joked with my friend Jeannette over the phone that cancer may be just the ticket to making new friends.  She said that has potential to be an SNL skit.

I have my MRI and stereotactic biopsy tomorrow.  My boob has barely finished healing from the biopsy on Tuesday, and I am going to get poked and prodded more tomorrow!  What I hate the most about this is that I am signed up for a ride that I REALLY don’t want to take.