A Little About Me!

Cathy and Dogs b and W

My name is Cathy. I have a beautiful horse, two crazy dogs, and a sweet and shall I say, unique, goat. I love them all. I currently reside in Sarasota, Florida, after moving here in March of 2013. Much of what I wrote about in the beginning of this blog occurred while living in Denver and Steamboat Springs, Colorado between September 2011 and March 2013 (after 10+ years in Florida). I had moved because I was in love and engaged and thrilled to relocate and start living a life I always wanted. Before Florida and Colorado, I spent a few undergrad years in Rochester, New York, and I grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts. I love to ride horses. I enjoy caring for and experiencing life with my pets. I love being outside and getting dirty and sweaty. I always thought I hated the cold, but I learned to love and appreciate both the enormity and beauty of the mountains, and now find joy in all outdoor activities! According to my scholastic background, I am an attorney, and I practice primarily in the areas of estate planning and real estate transactions in Sarasota, Florida.

I learned (officially) on June 6, 2012, that I was going to spend my 33rd birthday living with breast cancer. I wanted to document that time in order to share the nitty-gritty of my experiences with friends and family who live far away, and also hoped that blogging would be therapeutic. I am known for my ability to provide TMI, so please forgive (or embrace!) my frankness.

As of February 19, 2013, I kicked cancer’s ass! I felt joy, happiness, and gratitude as I walked out of the hospital that day.

Many things in my life have changed since I started this blog. I’ve experienced fear, disappointment, and heartache I never anticipated at the start of my illness, life lessons that I sometimes wish had passed me by. I have a deeper respect for myself, for enduring surgeries and uncomfortable doctor visits, asking tough questions and making tough decisions all while laughing whenever I could, and for ultimately getting through cancer with the support of my family and friends.

I feel I’ve aged years over the nine months I underwent treatment. Despite these experiences, I believe most of the time that my glass is half full, and what doesn’t kill me makes me…harder. Whenever I feel anxious about my future, or even my present situation, I remind myself that this moment is all that I really have, that there is no other life than this, and find some sanctity in that knowledge.

I continue to blog here and there when I feel compelled to write, and hope to keep it up more consistently, as apparently now I have some entertaining farm stories to share! Thank you all for your support and for taking time to read my blog. I hope it isn’t overly self-serving.

Ben and Cathy 2

Christmas card

12 thoughts on “A Little About Me!”

  1. Stumbled upon your blog, and I personally love your frankness. My road is different than yours, but it still includes breast cancer (at 38) and I am looking forward to reading. Your positive energy can only lead to a positive outcome. Wishing you well!

    • Thank you for that great comment! =) Everyone tells me to stay positive, so I am trying, despite the fact that I am always a heartbeat away from tears. Good luck to you and stay in touch.

  2. I’m so proud to be your friend! Always have been and always will be. Love you seestah. – OG Kristin

  3. Margaret Adkins said:

    I’m just reading this and am so saddened! You have always had a positive vibe about you and I’m sure that will carry you through this along with love and prayers from family and friends. You and Bing will be in my thoughts and prayers for continued happiness and healing. I adore Colorado!

  4. Yes please stay positive… I can say from my husband’s experience that it really is half the battle… You are strong and you will be fine… Times will get rough… but you will perservere… Cry when you need to… tears are expected and are a good outlet for any negative energy. You’re in my prayers…

  5. Erin Harrigan said:

    You are one amazing lady. I’ve always admired your strength to follow your heart and your dreams, and now too for you strength to meet this illness head on! You are a role model for the rest of us. I miss you roomie!

  6. Scott Goldsmith said:

    Keep strong Cathy. You have a lot of support around you. Feel free to lean on us at any time.

  7. James Kennedy said:

    Hi Cathy, Jeannette Kennedy’s dad here James. We met at Jeannette’s wedding and I am so sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. I love your attitude and I believe in miracles. Keep the faith, maintain the hope and keep centered in love. I am pulling and praying for you. If you need a little R&R after you beat this beast, come out and hang with us in sunny California.

  8. Linda De Jonge said:

    Cathy – Just came upon your post. I’m so sorry, I had no idea! You are a positive, confident, strong person. I will keep you in my prayers. Attitude is soooo important. Miss you!!

  9. Grace Dwyer-Mauro said:

    Hi Cathy – just saw your posting. So sorry to hear you have to take on this battle but I know so many survivors, some over 20 years, that I have faith that you too will make it through. Keep writing, laughing, crying and all those things go along with all the feelings. Know that there is a big network of folks send you lots of love and white light to help carry you through! Grace Dwyer

  10. Nice to meet you. Will be reading about your journey and sending positive vibes your way. 🙂

  11. Hi Cathy! When I was trying to think of a name for a site I’m creating that is going to be part blog/part “new generation” breast cancer community, one of the names was Cancer Kitten, (simply because I love cats) and when I Google it I found your site! I was diagnosed 2 weeks after my 32nd bday, and can relate to your story! Cancer continues long after treatment, physically and mentally. Thank you for sharing and continuing to share your journey! Also, I think u should adopt a kitten! I suggest a little orange male tabby. He will grow up with your dogs and would be a great addition to your family. Right now its kitten season and shelters are overwhelmed. My cats provided the best therapy, there is nothing like a purr to calm nerves. I think there is one out there who needs u and you need him- (my husband is allergic but his allergies went away after a few months getting used to it). But, I really just wanted to tell u enjoy reading and relating to your story

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