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It was a year ago this week when I was told things were over with my relationship in Colorado, and I had to move out. My sister-in-law’s response to the news was simply “Come home.” Thinking about her kindness and selflessness in my time of sadness still sends goosebumps sprouting up along my arms. It was one week before I finished radiation and life was supposed to return to a “new” normal. I just didn’t realize the new normal was going to be in Florida and not Steamboat! I gave away my hand-raised chickens and barn kitty Clover, and packed the dogs and goat in the truck (true story). Ben was shipped to Florida professionally.

After nearly a year of living with my brother and his family, I am moving into my own little animal kingdom. (In case you were wondering how those family dynamics played out, we all still talk and laugh, and I don’t think they want to kill me when I am cheery in the morning.) In part, I loved my move to Colorado nearly two and a half years ago because I had all of my “babies” in one place. My dogs (plus a third pup-how I miss his crazy black lab-ness) lived inside the house with me, and my pony (he’s 16.1hh) lived right outside my door with his BFF goat, Dora. They will all be with me (pending good goat behavior) at my new place.

So although moving is bittersweet, by leaving one way of life behind in exchange for another, and knowing that family and friend dynamics will change, I am quite excited to step out on life’s stage alone again. Well, as “alone” as I can be with four four-legged beasts to care for. I’m even considering getting chickens again.