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I kicked cancer’s ass! I am a little over a month living cancer-free, my official radiation last-dose day being February 19, 2013. I felt joy, happiness, and gratitude as I walked out of the hospital that day.

Many things in my life have changed since I started this blog. I’ve experienced fear, disappointment, and heartache I never anticipated at the start of my illness, life lessons I wish had passed me by. I have a deeper respect for myself, for enduring surgeries and uncomfortable doctor visits, asking tough questions and making tough decisions all while laughing whenever I could, and for ultimately getting through cancer with the support of my family and friends, but without the support of the love I thought I had.

I feel I’ve aged years over the past nine months. Despite these experiences, I do believe that my glass is half full, and what doesn’t kill me makes me…harder. Whenever I feel anxious about my future, or even my present situation, I remind myself that this moment is all that I really have, and I am able to succumb to the moment and return to being me.

Thank you all for your support and for taking time to read my blog. I hope I haven’t been overly self-serving.

Oh, P.S.-I will keep blogging here and there with updates