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So, my last chemo is tomorrow (I am clicking my heels!  For real.  I have that much energy).  The only thing that I am going to miss is the lack of my toe/foot hair.  Officially, it stopped growing after my last chemo, and I couldn’t be happier.  I am not a hairy girl to start with, but my toes didn’t get the memo.  Oh well!  I may not be happy about the foot deal, but of course I am counting the days until my head hair grows back.  It’s not fun to be bald when you don’t want to be.  For awhile, I would feel all brave and shave the little spikes that I felt on my head, but looking in the mirror after stepping out of the shower would literally drop me to my knees.  After tomorrow, I know that I only have a few head shaves left until I can let it start growing back, and already tonight I am not so sad getting out of the shower.

A local yoga studio offers ten free sessions for cancer patients in conjunction with the Yampa Valley Medical Center.  The instructor is a breast cancer survivor herself, and she (by choice) has the cutest little short hair cut, which I am looking forward to having myself someday soon.

This is a pic of Benny Boo and Me two days ago.  I’ve somehow had the energy to ride nearly everyday for the past couple of weeks.  I am hoping tomorrow’s infusions don’t change that.  I think we are falling back in love with each other, and it feels addictive and healing at the same time.