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I am halfway through chemo, something to celebrate.  I am actually looking forward to next Tuesday and my third administration of my Adriamycin and Cytoxan cancer-killing combo, because that will mean I only have ONE MORE to go!  I can deal with sore veins, headaches, loss of appetite, mouth sores, head colds, weakness and tiredness for a few more weeks.  Oh, and baldness.  Which, by the way, really pisses me off.  I lost my head hair and my armpit hair, but NOTHING ELSE.  I even still have a few big toe hairs.  Total B.S. if you ask me.

I finally slept without some sort of hat on last night.  My head stubble made it a bit uncomfortable to change position on my pillow, but otherwise I felt a little more liberated from my disease.  I just couldn’t deal with the pressure on my head from a hat or scarf, and realized there was little point in trying to look sexy for Bing.  Bald and missing half a boob…it’s not going to be my current looks that turn him on.  Bing praised me for the decision, as he likes it when I just accept my shiny melon for what it is.  His acceptance of my hairless condition is reflected by his newest and proudest nickname for me: Cannonball Kitten.