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I went with Kristin to have my hair cut off before it falls out in like, two weeks.  This way I can donate it to Locks of Love or a similar organization.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t that upset when it came down to it.  The first slice of the scissors was a bit shocking, but after that, I knew there was no going back!

Here’s a little picture montage of my “hair donation” experience.

Arrival at the salon:

Deciding what to do with CeCe:

F Cancer! (being Klassy):


Locks of Love Donation bag:

Almost Done…

aaaaand, it’s a done deal!!!

Kristin and Me, post salon experience:

Then we went to Salon at 10 Newbury to meet with Patricia and pick up my wig, for my “no hair” days.

It’s funny to look like I have hair when really there’s only a few inches left on my head!