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I don’t like not having anymore tests, because now the next step is to face the surgeons and oncologist.  I just don’t want to.  I am beyond scared.  I have to stop to catch my breath whenever I think about having surgery.  I am normally a piglet and I have lost my appetite for nearly everything.  According to Bing, am already going to lose about ten pounds if I lose my boobs, I don’t really need to trim down elsewhere!

I peeled the surgistrips off of my incision tonight before I showered.  The incision from Monday’s biopsy is still fresh and pretty open.  My boob has a dark purple bruise, and there is bruising around my nipple.  It’s significantly worse than the first biopsy.  I probably should have waited until Bing was home, because looking at Monday’s aftermath just scared me more.  I am dreading looking at myself after surgery already, and I don’t even know what kind of surgery I am going to have.

This ain’t no picnic, and it’s only just begun!  Five days post-(second) biopsy.